Note:  This information is available in a Word document and PDF file at the bottom of the page.

How to Setup Bixolon Printer: (Out of Box)

After plugging in printer to network you must receive the printer IP Address

To get the IP Address from printer you must take a small object (Paper Clip) and press in the small button on the back of the printer

After pressing in the button, this paper will print and provide you with the IP address of the printer.

NOTE: This IP Address must match with the BOH Printer Configuration Settings

NOTE: This IP Address is NOT STATIC since we are setting up a printer out of the box

If you want to change the IP Address the customer must have “Ethernet Configuration Setup V5.00” installed on the computer

After opening that program this screen will appear:

Step 1 is to Select “Search”

Step 2 is to change the IP Address (if you would like)


After the IP Address was changed and DHCP is disabled. Select “Setting” to save

After selecting ‘Setting” this screen will confirm changes. Select “Ok”

After saving settings, a ticket will print with the new IP Address. This IP Address will be used in the BOH

To update IP Address Select “Settings” and then “Printer Configuration”

Select “Kitchen Printer” and then “+Kitchen Printer”

Fill out Printer information including new IP Address and press “Save” when finished

NOTE: You must press the BOH publish iPad button followed by Sync iPad button to save changes made


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