Build Version 2.1.21 (1.1) - Release Notes

Build Version 2.1.21 (1.1) - Release Notes

Release Date: 12-16-2019

Release Version: 2.1.21 (1.1)



·         Auto Batch

-        The option to define the time to perform Auto batch will be provided in the BO Settings

-        The Auto batch menu will be listed only for the stores which are configured for MPPG Credit Card

-        In the existing Batch report the new column Batch Type and the batch processing type will be listed for the check

-        The batch type will be either Manual or Auto


·         Online Sales Report

-        Online Sales Report is for Back office at Enterprise level

-        The report can be executed for the sales happened in Online Like (Zenpepper Web & Mobile and Call Centre).


·         Tip Sharing Modification in BO

-        The option is provided in BO to pull the TIP collected for any specific date and to share the TIPS for the roles mapped in the Tip Out/Tip Sharing.

-        The adjusted TIP value will be reflected in the employee “Role Based Payroll” Report.

-        The new column and filter “Adjusted TIP”, “Overall Tip” now show in the Role Based Payroll report

-        If an employee works two roles on that particular date, then it will add together and show it on overall tips.


·         Bottle Deposit - 2nd Phase

-        The option to define the TAX in value is developed and delivered in Phase 1

-        In Phase 2, while creating the TAX from Categories, Modifiers and item, the user will be provided with an option to define the tax either in Amount or Percentage.


·         Test account for Magtek

-        The option will be provided in the store level to switch the Magtek Production Account to Test Account

-        When the Test Account is enabled in the store level, the Amount swiped in the Magtek Device will be credited to the bank - If the test account is disabled, then the last saved production Magtek account details will be Auto Updated.

-        While making the payment from test account, system will display the message as "DEMO ACCOUNT" in the receipt, merchant copy and customer copy in BOLD RED COLOUR FONT.

-        A disclaimer message "Amount will not be credited to your account" need to be displayed


·         Auto Close with Auto Punch Out

-        When an active employee is clocked out during auto close process, then the text Auto-Close will be displayed in the column Adjusted by.

-        A new column Closed by will be displayed in the Sale Summary report. [Reports >> Sale >> Sale Summary]

-        When an active check is closed during the auto-close process, the respective check will be marked as 'Auto Closed'.

-        When an active check is closed during the manual close the day process, then the respective check will be marked as '<Employee Name>' who has closed the day.


·         Credit Card Tip showing up on the One Page Report

-        In other payments Tip amount will be shown on the One page report


·         Gift card report Transaction date column has been shown


·         Customer/Merchant copy print for offline payment


·         Moneris payment

-        Settings in the back office to enable the Moneris Payment Integration

-        On enabling the Moneris Payment for the store, The EMV settings need to be defined along with the IP address and PORT Details


·         Factor4 will be enabled even when Gift card and GiveX is disabled


·         Future Order Delivery Address Print in receipt


·         Order button option in back office/pos setting

-        The custom button to be displayed in the iPad will be defined in the back office settings

-        Maximum of 2custom can be defined in the BO

-        The same will be displayed in the POS Application

·         Loyalty Point Import for Customer

-        The customer Loyalty information can be imported into the back office


·         Auto Email for Sales Recap and One Page PDF after close day

-        Email will be triggered at the end of the day. Email will be triggered for both Manual and Auto close. The report attached will be for the last business date.

-        Settings: The user can select for which report he need the auto Mail and can add multiple email id for each report individually.

-        Page Navigation: Settings -> Store -> Notification Settings


·         Restrict Expired Account when login through dealer admin page

-        The Dealer can access the login credentials of the account only for Active Accounts. Cancelled, Expired, Trail Expired accounts login will be blocked for Dealers Log in.


·         Item category service charge added in Sale Recap Reports

-        Item Category service charge will be displayed in a separate column in Sale Recap Report

·         Auto log off after number of minutes

-        An option to logoff the idle POS device.

-        System should validate the Auto log off time in the back-office settings and should log off the device which are idle for the defined time.


·         Custom split button option

-        The split by seat and the split by check can be customized by the user.

-        User can either set any one of the split options or they can leave the “split custom button action” option in back office without choosing any.

-        The selected option will reflect in the POS.

·         Membership with Discount

-        In the current system while creating a discount, we have an option to map it to the customer, now the same feature is enhanced to map with the Membership Plan.





·         Paid Status on Split Check Screen

-        In the split screen the "paid" status will be shown at the top of the seat for which the full payment is done.

-        For partially paid seat, the status "paid" will not be available

-        The existing functionality of split seat and check remain as it is.


·         Order Screen Custom Option

-        The customers are provided with an option to select 6 the custom button in BO and to configure the sequence to display.

-        The options void, print, order, modify are defaulted in the POS check options.

·         Split Payment

Customer can now do partial payment with the default partial options embed in the payment screen in POS

·         Star Printer

-        The following receipt printers are newly added,

o   M-pop - Bluetooth & USB

o   TSP-100 - TCP/IP

o   SP-700 - TCP/IP

-        Online order - Order values are show as it is in POS which is received from online order.

-        Remaining balance on receipt

o   The balance due for partial paid checks will show in the bill Print.

·  Apartment Number has been added in receipt printout for online delivery orders


·  Sales Recap Formula

-        An option is provided for the Account or store admin user to define his own formula to calculate the Over/Shortage and Cash Expected in Sales Recap Report


·         Import/Export Validation

-        Validations were done on the import/export sheet to make them user friendly

-        Validations like highlight of the mandatory field and help tips features are embedded



·         Add Address line 2 in customer import sheet

-        User can now import the customer info sheet with address line 2.

-        They can enter address through the sheet and export it


PLEASE NOTE: This change only affect in new customer sheet not for existing. If you want address line 2 in existing, then you can add a new column.


·         IPAD reference removal in BO

-        Wherever be the reference i-pad is mentioned in the Back office is now altered to POS


·         Show active checks in Back office.

-        The Open Sales (Active Checks) are displayed on the BO “Sales” dashboard of respective stores


·         Adjust Inventory import and Inventory reason.

-        An excel export and import option to download and update the inventory count


·         Auto generate house account number

-        In the current system, we let the user to enter the House Account Number Manually while creating the House Account and we let the users to edit the account number at any point of time as Required.

-        In the BO settings a Switch “Auto Generate House Account Number” will be provided to enable the auto generation Number for the House Account. Page Navigation: Settings ->Store -


-        When the switch is enabled, while creating the House account, the House Account number will be generated while Saving.

-        When the Switch “Auto Generate House Account Number” is enabled, system will not allow the user to edit the House Account Number.

While the Switch is disabled, the user can edit the Account Number (As in the existing system).


·         Loyalty round up features.

-        When the loyalty redeem point is defined with 0 in the decimal part, then system should round up while redeeming the loyalty point against the bill.

·         Custom color options.

-        Users can able to customize the colors for the display button using “More color” feature.

-        And the selected color will get reflect in the POS once sync is done.

-          Custom color feature is now applicable to sub-category, menu item and modifier.


·         Calculate COGS on Cost Price

-        Even if the option “Calculate COGS on Cost Price” is enabled for the inventory item and retail items, inventory quantity gets deducted from the inventory reports.



Bug Fixes:

·         FIXED - Application shows dollar symbol by default in Back Office

·         FIXED - Cash Drawer notification setting Issue

·         FIXED - Inventory items export issue

·         FIXED - Item service charge issue in print while performing split

·         FIXED - Batch settled time is show UTC instead of the current time of zone

·         FIXED - Tip amount added in cash expected in sale recap

·         FIXED - Low stock alignment in mail is wrong

·         FIXED - Menu items are not synced randomly to Inventory

·         FIXED - Inventory Bulk Update does not show the negative inventory counts

·         FIXED - Split check duplication issue fixed

·         FIXED - Split check, device details are not synced properly

·         FIXED - Online orders is not received sometimes due to socket disconnection

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