Build Version 2.1.22 (1.3) - Release Notes

Build Version 2.1.22 (1.3) - Release Notes

Release Date: 4/28/2020

Release Version: 2.1.22 (1.3)



·         Delivery Notes are Printed on the Receipt Print Out

-        The delivery notes are now added to the receipt print as well as in the delivery print for driver

·         Covers on sales recap report

-        In sale recap report settings, there is now an option called Cover

-        In the restaurant industry, the term Cover refers to a diner who eats or a meal that is served

-        To record the sales count of an individual category/subcategory/menu item Cover should be used

-        Cover is the count of the specific menu items that are used on that business date

-        Implementation

§  Navigate to Settings in the Back Office

§  Then to Sales Recap Report Settings

§  Next you will see the option Cover

§  You can choose to enable this option by turning the toggle on

§  Once enabled you will see a new Level with a default option of Category

§  Select a Category or Sub Category from the Dropdown menu

§  Then Select a Specific Category or Sub Category from the coinciding dropdown menu

§  Screenshot of the Covers Feature:


-        Cover Calculation

§  In Sale recap report settings, the user sets the category “Salad” as Cover

·         Scenario 1:

·         1 Caesar salad is sold - then Cover count is 1

·         Scenario 2:

·         1 Caesar salad and 1Coke is sold - then Cover count is 1

·         Scenario 3: 1 Caesar salad, and 1Garden Salad and 1Coke are sold then Cover count is 2

·         Total Cover count = 4

-        Sales Recap Report View

·         Menu Item Sale report Enhancement

-        User will be able to view the item name for an open item

-        A “jump link” will now be provided for the menu items as well as the open items

-        Changes to the Back Office

§  Navigate to Reports in the Back Office

§  Then Click the Menu Item Sale Report

§  Run the necessary report

§  Click on a Menu Item name in the report to be taken to that Menu Item

§  Screenshot of the “jump link” items

·         Business Date on sale recap report

-        A new option of Beginning and End time of Date fields are now viewable in the Sale Recap Report

-        The From time should show the Fist clock-in/First Sale time based on the time period scenarios.

-        The End time should show the Current time/Close day time

Note: If the Close of Day is Not Performed then the current time will be shown in the END time slot.

·         Loyalty Accumulation for Discount

-        A new switch option Loyalty Accumulation Percentage will be displayed on the discount screen

-        Based on the Accumulation Percentage set up, that amount of Loyalty Points will be accumulated for the respective customer

·         Linga Icon changes

-        The existing Linga POS Logo has now been changed to the new Linga rOS Logo

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