Build Version 2.1.23 (1.0) - Release Notes

Build Version 2.1.23 (1.0) - Release Notes

Release Date: 5-6-2020

Release Version: 2.1.23(1.0)


·         Navigate to the Delivery Orders Screen from the Login Screen with Delivery Button

-        The application will navigate to the phone order screen when the user clicks the Delivery button and enters their PIN

-        On the Phone Order Screen - the Delivery button will be selected by default


Screenshot of Default Delivery Option:

·         Full Delivery Address Popup when the user clicks and holds on the street address

-        To view the street details of the delivery address, the user should press on the

street address, and a full address will display

Screenshot of Full Address Displayed:

·         Inactive Drivers will Now Display in the List of Drivers

-        In the Driver Section on the Delivery Screen – both Active and Inactive Drivers will be displayed


-        To enable this feature, see the following steps:

~ Log into the Back Office

~ Then Click Settings

~ Next Click Store

~ Then Click Settings again

~ Toggle ON/OFF the option Show Inactive Drivers

~ Click Update

~ Publish Changes to the POS

Please Note: By Default, this Option will be ENABLED

Screen Layout of where to turn on Show Inactive Drivers:

           Screenshot of Active and Inactive Drivers on the Delivery Screen:

·         tDynamo Payment Device Option

-        The new payment device T-Dynamo is implemented with the POS application

Please Note: Fall back Swipe Option is NOT included as of now – this will be completed for the next release

·         NEW Payment tab has been added to the Back Office

-        This Payment screen will allow users to go to one central location for all Payment Needs


-        Sections that are covered in the Screen:

~ Enable Cash Discount

~ Edit Cash Discount Settings

~ Enable Service Charge

~ Edit Service Charge Settings

~ Tokenize the Credit Card

~ Payment Method addition/editing

~ EMV Settings


 ·         Ability to Open the Cash Drawer for All Payment Types

-        Once this feature has been enabled - The system should open the Cash Drawer if the Payment Method is used and configured in the Back Office


-        A toggle option for Open Cash Drawer has been added on the Payments screen

Please Note: By Default, ALL Options will be Disabled, Except the Cash Tender Type

-        To enable these features, please see the following steps:

~ Log into the Back Office

~ Then Click Settings

~ Next Click Store

~ Then Click the Payments Button

~ Toggle ON/OFF the option Open Cash Drawer

~ Click Update

~ Publish Changes to the POS


Screenshot of Open Cash Drawer Option on Payment Screen:

·         Online Ordering Payment Authorization

-        An Option to Pull the Payment for the Sales in Online Ordering and Perform Manual Batch Out Process for the Online Ordering Payments

-        To Batch Out Online Ordering Payments:

~ Log into the Back Office

~ Then Click Web Order

~ Next Click Batch Process

~ Then Click the Submit Batch Button


Screenshot of Batch Screen in Web Order Admin:

Bug Fixes:

·         FIXED - Database is Slow and Spinning for a Long Time

·         FIXED - Discount Not Showing in the Future Order Re-Print

·         FIXED - Incomplete Online Payment

·         FIXED - Remaining Balance Line is Removed from the Customer Print

·         FIXED - Sale Disappearing when Online Order Delivery Sale is Closed from Arrival Screen

·         FIXED - Scale Item Conversion Value Does not Display in POS

·         FIXED - Serving Size and Rounding issue on Receipt Print

·         FIXED - Tax Amount Mismatch

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