Build Version 3.0 - Release Notes

Build Version 3.0 - Release Notes

Enhancement in POS:

      1)      Evertec Payment

  The payment method “Evertec” is implemented to process the transactions.

Supporting Document: Evertec Payment

      2)      Auto Gratuity

  Auto gratuity is when a restaurant automatically adds a gratuity charge to the check based on the number of guests.

Supporting Document- Auto Gratuity

      3)      Enhancement in Parent-Child Modifier

  An option is provided to hide the visibility of all other modifier groups except showing the child modifier group for the chosen parent modifier.

Supporting Document: Enhancement in Parent-Child Modifier

      4)      Error message during loyalty redemption

  The message which shows up on doing the loyalty redemption at POS is altered.

  If the customer is not having the minimum loyalty point to do the redemption, then the message shows both the available as well as the minimum loyalty points required.

  For Example, “Available Loyalty Points-10. Minimum Loyalty Points Required- 100”.

      5)      New Slider and Loader

  The slider and the loader for the POS are updated.

      6)      Increment/Decrement the quantity of conversational modifier

  A user-friendly option to increase/decrease the conversational modifier quantity should be developed.

Supporting Document: Increment/Decrement the quantity of conversational modifier


      7)      Magtek enhancement in CDS

  The UI for the Magtek payment is enhanced.

  Instead of Dip, it is changed to Insert/Swipe.

  The Magtek payment process is now notified with a notification tone.


      8)      App performance

  The performance of the POS is improved to handle a large number of checks for app freezing.

      9)      HTTPS changes

  The server calls are using the HTTPS for communicating.


      10)   Paypal payment integration with QR code scan and Pay

 PayPal and Venmo are two of the most popular digital wallet payment platforms that can be used to send and receive money to and from.

Supporting Document: PayPal User Guide

      11)    Kitchen printer :

a.       Print printer name on the kitchen print

  An option to print the kitchen name in the kitchen print is included.

Supporting Document: Kitchen Print name in KOT

b.       Hide seat number on the kitchen print

  An option to hide the seat number in the kitchen print is included.

Supporting Document: Hiding of Seat Number in the Kitchen Print

      12)   Restriction of opening check if opened in another iPad

  An option is implemented to restrict opening the checks which are already opened in another POS.

Supporting Document: Restriction to open the checks simultaneously

      13)   Combo discount

  Pairing food from your menu with drinks and tasty side dishes is a proven and effective method to improve sales and profits.

Supporting Document: Combo Discount

      14)   Longitude and Latitude changes for the driver app, to show the exact location on POS

  The latitude and longitude for the driver app are enhanced to indicate the accurate driver location.

      15)   Popup message hide

a.       Popup alert hide when user  touch anywhere on the screen 

b.       Alerts will hide automatically after 3secs. It is applicable only for our own formatted Alerts and not for default alerts.

 Issue Fix:

      1)      The total mismatch happened on enabling the cash discount and items services charge is fixed.

      2)      The precise setting of location using Google Mapping is fixed.

      3)      The issue of Invalid Checks that are posted to back-office is fixed.

      4)      The reporting issue of tips on voided online transactions is fixed.

      5)      The issue of unable to apply the loyalty payment is fixed.

      6)      The tax round-off issue that existed is resolved.

      7)      The issue of showing “Additional Invalid” on retrieving the payment is fixed.

      8)      The issue existed on the Check tax with Discount is fixed.

      9)      The issue on skipping the transactions when changing the order type in POS is fixed.

      10)   The missing tables issue is resolved.

      11)   Issue exists on not including the online order Tip, delivery charger and service charger amount in the Gross receipt is fixed.

      12)   Issue existed on tax not calculating for the EBT menu item is fixed.

      13)   Table layout not able to Edit

      14)   Cost not Calculating Correctly when creating Purchase Order

      15)   Error in Table Layout

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