Customer Display in Linga POS

Customer Display Screen (CDS)

Sync Main and Display iPad


-           Download the “Linga Customer Display” Application from the Apple App Store onto the iPad that will be used for the customer display.

-          Ensure the displa iPad is on the same network as your cashier iPad.

-          On the iPad controlling the customer display:

o   Log into Operation -> Hardware Settings -> Customer Display

o   Enable Customer Display by sliding the button on.

o   You will see the display iPad name show up.

o   Tap on the name, a message will then show up on the display iPad asking for permission to connect. Tap yes and the iPad’s will now be connected.

Add Images to CDS


-          In Back Office navigate to Advertisement.

-          Click on “ + Advertisement ”

-           Enter a description of the image.

-          When you would like the image to display.

-          Select What store(s) you would like this image to display at.

-          Then upload your image by clicking on Select Image.

o   For best result use 1252 x 1536 pixels

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