Display of serving size in front of the menu in KOT

Display of serving size in front of the menu in KOT

Implementation in Back Office:

Page Navigation: My Stores >> Settings >> Application settings

  - An option “Serving Size in front of menu in KOT” should be included.

 - The option is to decide whether the serving size should prefix the menu item name or not.

-  By default, the option should be in disable mode.

-  On enabling the option, the serving size should prefix the menu item in the following scenarios,

1)      Kitchen Display system

2)      Kitchen receipt print

3)      POS order screen

4)      The template of review of the KDS configuration

5)      Label print and the template

6)      Kitchen label template

7)      Kitchen label print

8)      Address label template

9)      In reprinting of the checks

10)   In Front end receipt print

11)   Email receipt print

Screen Layout:

-  The tool tip for the setting is “The serving size will prefix the menu item name in the kitchen receipt, KDS, order screen”.


Implementation in Kitchen display system:

-  In the KDS order display, the serving sizes should prefix the menu items.

-  The kitchen receipt template also has the serving size as a prefix for the menu item only if the back-office option 

is enabled.

-  If the option is disabled, the existing flow should be defaulted.

Sample Screenshot:

Implementation in POS:

-  The order screen should display the serving size prior to the menu items.

-  For example, consider the serving size of a menu item 1 be Half, Full. Then in POS it should display like below,


Serving size                        Menu Item Name            Quantity              Value

                                                     Half                                   Menu Item1                       1                              10.00

                                                     Full                                    Menu Item1                       1                              20.00

Sample Screen Layout:

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