Driver App

Driver App

Getting Started with Linga Driver App


To use Linga Driver App, you should define at least 1 user with driver role in Linga Back Office. To do this, login to Linga Back Office and then in the left menu, navigate to User Management -> Users then click on the top right. Then, ensure that you provide all the necessary information for mandatory fields and assign ‘Driver’ role* to the new user. Make sure to "Enable Sign In" for the driver to login to the Driver App.


*If you don’t have ‘Driver’ role already defined for your account, click roles under ‘User Management’ option in the left menu.


In the ‘Create Role’ screen, select ‘IS DRIVER’ option (and other options if needed) under POS roles section.


Enter ‘Name’ as ‘Driver’ and select priority, the click ‘Save’.

Once you have at least one user with ‘Driver’, you are ready to use Linga Driver App. You can download the Linga Driver App from AppStore for iOS or PlayStore for Android devices. 

User with driver role should clock in from Linga iPAD to verify in Linga System that he/she is ready to be assigned orders to be delivered. (To clock in: Login with user credentials, then press Clock In and enter user pin)


Driver Settings in Linga Back Office 

To edit driver settingsLinga BackOffice, navigate to the ‘Driver Settings’  screen following Settings -> Store -> Delivery -> Driver Settings path.


In this screen, you can enable driver tracking, set direction displaying by using your default maps app or  Google maps, enter your Google Map API Key if the ‘Direction’ option is enabled, SMS Text messages to be sent in cases of order departure, delay, cancellation, order arrival notification,


Assigning Orders to Drivers

Once a delivery order is received, a pop-up alert informing you that you have a new order will be displayed and you can see the order in the ‘New’ orders list on Linga iPAD app.You should select the order to be delivered, then select an active driver from the list to assign the order. You can assign multiple orders to a driver.

Delivery Management in Linga Driver Map

Once you launch Linga Driver App on your device, you will see the login screen where you should provide your Linga account credentials to log in.



When driver logs in to Linga Driver App, he/she will see the map showing numbers inticating locations where orders are to be delivered and a list of orders assigned to driver for delivery. Note that orders are sorted from the nearest location to furthest.



Driver taps ‘Check In’ button next to the order to be delivered first and the map showing the location (and path to that location) will open in a separate browser.


Order details can be displayed by clicking the related order from the orders list. Driver may tap the ‘Delivered’ button to denote that the order is delivered, or  button to denote that the order could not be delivered. 

Syncing Driver App

In order to get latest changes on delivery configurations from the back office, you may use sync option on the left menu opening by clicking icon on the top left.



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