Employee Roles Description

Employee Roles Description

Detailed information about each role in the User Management Role settings



            These settings control the settings that are programmed in the back office

Gratuity – Changing the Gratuity setting

Gift Card – Can access the gift card information

Printer Settings – Can access the printer set up information

Tax Settings - Can adjust the tax programmed

Store Settings – Can adjust the store application settings

Store Info – Can change the information and pictures

Report – Can view all the Reports on the Report tab

Discount Settings – Can view / adjust discounts

Inventory Settings – Can view / adjust fields in the inventory tab

Customer – Access to the Customer tab and view information

User Management – Access to modifying employees and roles

Disable Back office Login – Account with email / password will not have access

Batch – Viewing the batch report

Loyalty Point Adjustment – Access to the Loyalty tab to adjust settings

Show Inventory Count in Adjustment – Seeing the count in Inventory


POS: These settings control what the employee can do on the POS

Create Order – Being able to create an order

Void Item – Being able to void an item

Delete Unordered Item – Deleting an item not sent to the kitchen

CC Payment – Being able to take Credit Cards

GC Payment - Being able to take Gift Cards

HA Payment – Being able to take a House Account

Pay Cash – Being able to make a cash transaction

Tax Exempt – Being able to apply Tax Exempt to a check

Open item – Being able to create an open item on a check

Gift Card Issue – Being able to issue a new Gift Card

Discount – Being able to apply a discount

Gratuity – Being able to apply a gratuity

Service Exempt – Being able to apply the Service Exempt

Open Cash Drawer – Being able to open cash drawer with no sale

Resent to Kitchen – Being able to send the order to kitchen after already being sent once

Open all Checks – Able to open all checks that are active

Is Driver – Be able to be eligible to use the Driver App

Transfer Check / Table – Being able to transfer check / table between employees

Merage Tables – Being able to merge tables on Table layout screen

Split Seat – Being able to split a check by seat

Restrict Check Summary – No access to the summary on the check

Kiosk – Enable is using role on Kiosk

Other Payment – Accepting other payments on payment screen

Transfer Between own checks – Being able to transfer between own checks

Transfer Between All Users Checks – Transferring checks between all employees

View All Checks – Viewing all checks in the batch / tip adjustment screen

Allow Check Stats Permission – Being able to access that tab to view open and closed checks

Log Off After Each Sale – After sale being made, POS will automatically bring employee back to clock in screen

Membership Accessibility – Being able to view the customers membership information

Allow Open Checks in Another POS at the Same Time – Viewing check on multiple iPads at same time


POS Operation: These settings will control what the employee has access to in the Operation

Open Till – Being able to open the till

Hold Till – Being able to hold a till and close later

Close own Till – Being able to close own till without manager

View / Close All Till – If multiple tills, being able to view and close all

Cash Drop – Being able to view Cash Drop

Pay in / out – Being able to receive and give money out of drawer

Open Cash Drawer – Being able to open cash drawer with no sale

Print Cash Log – Being able to print cash log on operation

Void Check – Being able to void entire check

Re-open Check – Access to re-open a check

POS Settings – Access to all settings in the POS Settings tab

Close Own Cash Out – Access to Cashier Out

Close the Day – Being able to close the day out

Close Batch – Being able to submit batch

Hardware Settings – Being able to access the Hardware Settings tab

Operation Reports – Being able to see the cashier out report

Refund – Being able to perform a refund

Reprint Check – Being able to reprint a check after being closed

Restrict Report on Active Checks – Being able to cashier out with active checks

Tip Adjustment – Being able to access the Employee tab

Tip Sharing – Being able to access and view Employee tab

86 List – Being able to adjust what is on the 86 list

Blind Audit – If Enabled, Will not show Cash Expected on closing till


Report Access: These settings control what reports you can access on the back office

Dashboard: These settings will enable what is viewable on the back office dashboard


Cash Drawer: These settings will grant access to cash drawer in Operation on iPad


Open Cash Drawer on Hitting Set/Close Till – Cash Drawer opens with no sale, no manager required

Cash Drawer for Cashier Out – Cash Drawer will open when Cashier out is complete for employee

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