Epson TM-M30 IP Connection

Epson TM-M30 IP Connection

Note:  This information is available in a Word document and PDF file at the bottom of the page. 

 Plug in network Cable press the paper feed button the turn the power on

You will see the ! display on the screen release the feed button. 

Press the feed button a second time you will see the paper roll symbol flashing

Press the papper feed button again. It will the do a self test.

 Press the feed button again and it will print the alphabet and say complete


 It will then go out and because DHCP is enable grab and ip on the network the proceed to print it out.

Epson Tm-m30 / TM-L90  Receipt Printer: Linga with Ethernet Interface

Basic Manual/Interfaces

-          Thermal Line Printing.

-          USB 2.0 Type B

-          Ethernet Interface

-          Wireless Lan IEEE 802.11b/g/n (Optional) Document available for this setup

-          Bluetooth (Optional) not supported by Linga

  Set-Up Configuration

-         Connect the Printer to the same router you have your POS with a Cat5 Ethernet Cable.  

-         DHCP is enable for the Ethernet Connection by factory.

-         Turn it on and wait for a small paper to print with all the network information.

-         Take the IP address and enter it in Linga Backoffice receipt printer setup.

-         Open safari and enter the IP address in the search bar in the top of the page.

-         Log in with User Name: Epson and Password: Epson

-         Got to TCP/IP option on the left side and enable Manual option.

-         It’s recommendable to reserve this IP address into your router to avoid disconnections.

-         EpsonNetConfig will help you find the IP address if Static IP is assigned and unknown by default.

-         Download link for Epson Net Configuration



When EpsonNet Cofig opens it will auto search for any Epson printer connected on the same switch or router. Double click on the printer you want to configure and go to TCP/IP Basic. From there either change to automatic or enter the desire new IP address for the printer and hit transmit.

The Above Setting will make a printer now have a static ip.

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