February 1 2022 Release Notes

February 1 2022 Release Notes

Release Notes for Back Office/iPad/Online Ordering (2-1-2022)

Features OLO:

  1.    Tiered price implementation in OLO

Set Tiered Price for the Modifier was implemented to Online Ordering

       Supporting Document: Set Tiered Price

  2.    Parent-child in OLO

In the current system, the user cannot define and refer the modifier as a parent modifier. This document explains the Parent-Child Modifier configuration.      

                     Supporting Document: Parent Child

Features BO:

   3.    Payroll report column changes

  1. Separating [Role: Check in – Check out] column as two separate column Role & Check in – check out in OT & Role based payroll report
  2. Separating [Role: Check in – Check out] column as two separate column Role & Check in – check out in Enterprise Payroll report
                 Supporting Document:  Separating Role & Check-in and Check-out


Closed/fixed tickets:

·         Tip out contribution

·         CDS Option does not show up on hardware settings

·         Unable to create new category in Retail

·         Adding discount

·         Inhouse unit in Retail backoffice

·         terminal in the Batch screen

·         issue resolved with online orders from integrated consolidation partner

·         QR code is not printing while we re-print

·         An information icon pops up on the check # saying "check not printed" even though the checks do print

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