Gift Cards on Online Ordering

Gift Cards on Online Ordering


Linga Gift Card functionality lets restaurant customers to buy and present prepaid cards to be used for their payments in their favorite restaurants (stores). In this document, steps to follow to activate gift card functionality for a store, paying checks by using gift cards and gift card data management and gift card reports in the Back Office are explained.

Enabling Gift Card for a Store

In order to enable the use gift cards for payments, you should first define and add gift card payment as a payment method in your store. In the Back Office, navigate store settings page, then select ‘Payment’ and click ‘Add Payment Method’ button.



Then select the ‘Payment Type’ as Gift Card and fill in the related fields to complete defining Gift Card payment method. Once all the necessary fields are filled in, click ‘Add’ button and then click ‘Update’ into the left bottom of the page. For the new settings can be displayed on iPad, you should sync these changes by clicking Sync button on top of the screen.



To enable gift card option for OLO ordering customers, you should first enable Show Gift Card option in the Web Order admin panel. Login to Linga Back Office and then click ‘Web Order’ on the left menu. Select your store in the OLO admin panel by clicking ‘Change Settings’ button next to the store for which the gift card option will be enabled.



Ensure that ‘Show Gift Card’ checkbox is selected and then click save. You may check your store’s online ordering page to verify if gift card option is enabled. On the top-right of the page, you can see the ‘Gift Card’ link that appeared after you enable it from the admin panel.



Purchasing a Gift Card


Once Gift Card option is enabled, customers can purchase gift cards by selecting a pre-defined amount or by specifying another amount (min. 10$). Then you should enter the valid e-mail address, the first and last name of the person that the card will be gifted. Optionally, a message can be added to the gift card information.




When you click continue, you will be redirected to the payment page and you can complete the purchase by any of the payment options being provided the store.





Once the gift card is created, the card receiver will be informed via an e-mail message similar to the one below:



Card Information and Reports in the Back Office


You can see gift cards created in the system by navigating Your Store -> Products/Items -> Gift Cards.



In this page, you can either change and update the current amount in a gift card or delete (inactivate) an existing card from the system. To reactivate an inactive gift card, click ‘Active’ button in the left top of the gift card list and then click the activate icon and the confirm the reminder pop-up.




Using a Gift Card for Payment


Once Gift Card payment method is defined in the Back Office and the Back Office is synced with iPad, you can see Gift Card payment option in the Payment Options window of the iPad app. After having created an order and clicked ‘Payment’ the button in order screen, select the Gift Card payment option.



Then, tap ‘Manuel’ and enter the Gift Card number that will be used to complete the payment.




Gift Card Reports

In Linga Back Office, you can also check reports about gift cards created in Linga OLO and transactions made using these cards. 

Navigate Reports -> Gift Card to see Gift Card reports data listed by Card Number, Business Date, Transaction Date, Employee, Sale (Check) Number, Node, Activity Type, Sold In, Amount and Balance columns.



            You can take reports based on a certain card number, activity type or employee for a given time period. Also, the reports can be exported in excel,

            PDF or CSV formats.

            You can also see transactions made by using gift cards in Transaction reports.       

            In the transaction reports screen, select gift card as ‘Tender Name’ to filter gift card transactions.



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