Integrating Linga to QuickBooks Using Shogo

Integrating Linga to QuickBooks Using Shogo

Connecting Linga to Shogo

You can have multiple stores within your Shogo account, and you will be prompted later in the process to set up each store you have.


Step 1: Go to


Register for a new account if you do not have an account with Shogo


Step 2: Select on Linga POS


Step 3: Login with Linga Back office credentials


Once this is connected you will now be able to connect QuickBooks


Connecting QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop to Shogo


How to connect QuickBooks Online to Shogo

Step 1: Select New Company and select QuickBooks Online and select on the QuickBooks logo

Step 2: Sign in using QuickBooks credentials


Step 3: Authorize the connection between QuickBooks Online and Shogo



Step 4: You will now be able to proceed with accounting configuration


Connecting QuickBooks Desktop to Shogo

Step 1: Select New Company and select QuickBooks Desktop and type in the name of the company and press Create. The next screen will allow you to set up the Web Connector.

Select Web Connector Set Up


After selecting Web Connector Setup

1.    Download the (.QWC) configuration file

2.    Open the file

3.    Go to the QuickBooks Desktop and select “File” à “Update Web Service”. The QuickBooks Web Connector program will open.



4.    Select Add on Application

5.    Choose the .QWC file that is downloaded

6.    Click Ok to authorize the service

7.    Choose (Yes, always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running) and click Continue


8.    Enter Password and Press the [Tab] key


9.    Click OK to save password

10.  Click the Update Selected button to sync data with Shogo for the first time


After sync is finished, go back to the accounting configuration on Shogo and complete the accounting mapping.


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