Online Ordering Version 1.1 - Release Notes

Online Ordering Version 1.1 - Release Notes

Google Play and Apple Store URL Toggles Were Added

In Online Order settings, we have added the option to select Google Play Store and/or the Apple App Store URL. In the previous version of Online Order settings, the Google/Apple play store URL section displayed by default

NOTE: The app availability in Google/Apple play store will be shown only if the user configured the corresponding app URL on the admin page

No Image Icon has been Corrected

In previous versions, by default a burger icon was displayed for the menu items without images, a “No Image” icon will now be visible to the customers for respective menu items without an image

ASAP will Increase in Size when Selected

The ASAP button on the front page will move to the center, when it is selected

Delivery, Pickup Timings now show on the menu page

The Store, Delivery, and Pick Up times will now be included on the menu page

The customer can view the timing by clicking the “Store Time” icon on the top right of the menu screen

The Old-version redirect link is removed from the Customer Website

The redirect option to the older version in the top of the home screen is removed


The distance to each location should now show in miles

Previously, in the existing, the distance is viewed in kilometers.

The distance between the store location and the destination delivery zone is displayed in miles in the store selection screen

If there is no pickup or delivery option, the option will now be Hidden based on the Settings

Previously, if the store has no pickup/delivery time then the screen would show as “Currently Unavailable”


Bug Fixes:

Address Line 2 extra commas have now been removed, when this line is not used

Duplicate Included modifiers have been corrected when the serving size is changed

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