Linga Printer Compatibility

Linga Printer Compatibility

• We offer full support for printers available on our shopping website. They have all been tested with Linga POS.
• There are some other printers from Epson and Bixalon that may work with Linga, but we do not guarantee they will work.  o Testing: If a merchant wishes to use alternative printers, they should let support know early and allow an extra two weeks for us to test compatibility. o Connection: Serial printers of any kind will not work with our system. The printer must be IP-based (uses an ethernet cord) we do offer a Bluetooth solution that has been tested and proven to work.
•  Star brand printers may be compatible if DIP settings are changed. HOWEVER, we do not support Star at all and we offer limited support on implementation.  o We will forward a set up document that a customer or partner may follow, but that is the extent of our assistance with Star printers.  o See the Star Printer DIP Guidelines supporting material for compatible printers and settings. 
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