Linga Scheduler

Linga Scheduler

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As a component of Linga rOS software ecosystem, Linga Schedules is a web-based software created for helping restaurant managers to one-stop management of shifts, time-schedules, time-off, payrolls of the employees. Integrated with the Linga Back Office application, stores are now able to manage their employees’ information, roles, settings, shifts, overtimes, time-offs, payrolls, total payments by using Linga Scheduler’s user-friendly interface. Also, employees can manage their shifts (swapping shifts with other employees or confirming shift swap request coming from other employees) and permission requests by using Linga schedules.


This document describes features that Linga Schedules offers to its users in order to help them to manage time scheduling, payroll, permission request activities.


Upgrading Your Linga Account to Use Linga Schedules Add-On


Enter your credentials and login to your Linga account.

At the top right of the ‘My Stores’ screen, click on the “Upgrade” button.

In the update screen, select the “Employee Scheduling” add-on



Enter the number of registers to be added/reduced


Select your billing plan   

Finally, select “Switch Plan”

By clicking on the “Switch Plan” button, you are going to be redirected to Credit Card page. You can activate your new plan by clicking on the “Activate Account” button.


On the left menu, you can see “Schedule” button which became visible (only for admin users) as your purchase is completed.

From the left menu, click on “Licenses” button to navigate to license settings screen. On the licenses screen, enable your Schedules license and save your settings. Now, you can start to use your Linga Schedules add-on!




Logging into Linga Schedules


Path 1: Enter your credentials and login to your Linga account. Click on “My Stores” on the left menu and then choose your store.


On the left menu, click on “Schedule”. You are going to be redirected to Dashboard screen of the Linga Schedules Application.


Note: Only store admins can login to Schedules through the Linga BO.


Path 2: Store admins and employees can also log into the Schedules application by navigating to the “Login Page” through their browser and then providing their credentials.

When logged in, user is going to be redirected to the “Dashboard” screen of the Schedules application.

Dashboard Screen

Linga Schedules provides a multi-functional yet user-friendly dashboard screen helping users to check their incoming messages, calendars, weekly schedules and weekly payrolls at a glance.

   Dashboard Screen (Admin User)

The Dashboard screen displays with the following details:

      Notification & Messages - Notification & Messages received by the logged in employee.

      This Week Your Schedule - Date of the assigned tasks in the current week.

      Your Week – Payroll details of the current week.

      Calendar – When a task is assigned for an employee, it will be highlighted in the calendar.


Dashboard Screen (Employee)

Using Scheduler for Managing Employee Shifts

Shift management functionalities can be performed at the scheduler screen of Linga Schedules.



Scheduler Screen


Scheduler screen displays with following details and information:

      Date range of the current week (By default, current week will be displayed).


                        You can navigate to the previous week by clicking on      icon.

                     You can navigate to the next week by clicking on   icon.

      List of employee name(s) available in the store to assign the tasks.


Note: In Linga Scheduler, there are two levels of authorization for the users: Admin and Employee. Scheduler screen seems only for admin level users. All the employees working for the store will be listed and only admin users are authorized to assign tasks to employees. For all other employees, only their tasks are displayed in their calendars.

      Already assigned shifts to employees.


      Total payments calculated over the wage or salary entered (by the admin user) on daily/weekly or monthly basis.


      Publish and Notify – Once the task has been assigned or modified, the changes will be reflected only when the option ‘Publish and Notify’ is clicked. When a shift is published, employee will also be informed via mail.


To assign a shift to an employee, mouseover the respective date. On mouseover, the   icon will be displayed.


On clicking this icon, the pop-up displays as follows:


Select the role of the employee. The role drop down displays all the roles that can be assigned to the selected employee. (Various roles can be assigned to an employee depending on the store’s needs. This functionality is detailed in the “Employees” section of the document).

Select the start time and end time of the shift.

Select the break timing.

Add comments/notes regarding the tasks that needs to be notified to the employee.

On enabling the option Save Template, the template will be saved for the future reference. The saved template can be viewed in the Template tab.



On enabling the option Save All this Weekday, the current task will be added for all the weekdays.

By clicking on the Cancel button, the changes made in the screen will be discarded.

The changes made in the screen will be saved by clicking on the Save button and the Scheduler screen will be loaded with the newly created task.

On mouseover the newly created task, the options display as  

To add a new task to an employee in the same day, click on the  icon.

To edit the task, click on the icon.

To delete the task, click on the            icon.

By clicking the   icon, a selected user shifts can be printed.

You can view the total wage of employees on daily and weekly basis, at the bottom of the screen.

On clicking the employee name in the grid table, the Employee screen displays as follows:

Scheduler warning in the case of overtime shift



Shift Swapping Requests


Employees can swap their (assigned and published) shifts with other employees by using the “Swap Shift” feature of Linga Schedules.



Employee chooses the shift to be swapped by clicking the shift on the calendar (Dashboard), then “Shift History” is displayed.


On clicking the “Swap Shift” button, dates of the swappable shifts are listed as follows:




When a date is selected, swappable shifts for the selected date are displayed:



Then, employee selects a shift from the list and the Shift Request is sent to the Manager for approval. Once the Manager approves, the other employee to swap his/her shift must approve this swap request as well.


Requests (time off or shift swapping) made by other employees can be approved in the “Request” screen. In this screen, managers (admin level) can approve time off or shift swapping requests of their employees whereas employees can approve shift swapping requests coming to them from their co-workers.



Time Off Requests


In Linga Scheduler, time off requests are managed at the “Requests” screen and by clicking “Requests” link at the top of the screen, users can navigate to the Requests screen:


Click on the Time Off Request button, then the pop-up appears as follows:


You can select the date and duration (Period) required for the time off. You can also select Partial Time Off (For example, if an employee is going for higher studies and he can come for half day shift). Finally, click on the Save button.

Once clicked the ‘Save’ button and completed, time off requests can be seen in the Messaging screen/ Sent Item tab.

Managing Employee Information


In Linga Scheduler, you can add, update or delete details of the employees in the Employee screen. (Only admin level users are authorized to manage employee details.)

At the “Employees” screen, you can see all the employees working in the store and you can start to manage employee details by clicking “Edit” icon in the “Actions” column. You can also add a new employee or delete an existing employee’s details, by simply clicking related icons.


You can edit the First Name, Last Name, Email address, Phone number, Gender, Employee PIN, Roles, Date of Joining, and Access Level (Admin/Employee).


You can add/edit the address of the employee by clicking on the Contact tab.

You can add/edit the pay rate of the employee by clicking on the Payroll tab.


You can select a pay rate as Hourly/Salary or role-based for an employee.

Break timings of an employee can be managed in the TimeOff tab.









Linga Schedules allows users to communicate with each other through the messaging functionality.



At the dashboard screen, an incoming message can be read by clicking on it.



You can display your inbox and sent messages in the “Messaging” screen. On clicking the Messaging tab, the screen displays as:


You can read your messages by clicking the mail icon in the “Actions” column.


To create a new message, click on the New Message button.

On clicking the ‘New Message’ button, the pop-up displays as:                


You can choose an employee to send message, enter the subject of your message, write your message body and then click on the Send button.


Store Settings


Linga Schedules provides a one-sided manual synchronization feature with Linga Back Office application, which means that your store’s information in Linga Back of House can be directly synced and transferred into the Schedules application whenever you want. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about a mismatch between your store’s information in Linga BO application and in Linga Schedules.


Although your store information can be manually synced with the Linga Back of House anytime, you can also edit your store’s settings by yourself at the Store Settings screen. To do this, click on the  icon displayed on the top-right of the screen.



The ‘Settings’ screen displays the details that were given while creating an account.








You can add/edit the details such as your store’s address, phone number, e-mail address, local time zone, currency, general pay rates and holidays.

Edit Profile

Users can edit their Profile details by clicking on the Profile link.

In this screen, users can reset their passwords, upload their photo, update their email, mobile number and other information.

Once the profile details changed, click on Save button.

Integration With Front House (IPAD)


Synced also with Linga Front House, Linga Schedules is getting and then processing clock-in/clock out data, for enabling store admins to follow employees’ transactions with IPAD. This synchronization is made periodically (15 minutes) and in this way, transactions to the employees on IPAD are saved to the Schedules database and it is possible to follow the current working times and payrolls through the Schedules application.



What is Next?


Like all dynamic Linga rOS software ecosystem components, the Linga Schedules application continues to be improved with new features that make life easier for its users. For this purpose, the Linga Software development team is currently working on strengthening the integration of the Linga Schedules with the Linga Front House (IPAD) application and in the near future, logins to the IPAD application will be fully integrated into the authorizations and schedules specified in Linga Schedules and employees who do not have a shift on a given day will be prevented from entering the IPAD application without administrator approval.

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