Settings in Linga POS

Linga Settings

To edit Linga settings, navigate to: Settings -> Store -> Settings (Top Menu)


Log Off After Each Sale

-          Once payment is accepted on the check it will log that user off and require reentry of passcode to place next order. This setting is used in table service restaurants to prevent servers from ringing in orders under the incorrect number.

Enable Gratuity Line in Credit Card Screen

-          When an iPad user selects CC payment method, you have an option to add gratuity, directly from the screen.

Show Tip Screen Before Credit Card Screen

-          A user can add tips before applying credit card payment

Kitchen Print Void Item

-          If an item is voided after being sent to the kitchen this setting will sent a chit notifying the kitchen that the item has been voided off the check.

Print Included Modifier in Kitchen

-           This will cause included modifiers to be printed on the kitchen chit. Note that this will make your chits noticeably longer. It is helpful if you have new kitchen staff, however.

Auto Print Receipt

-          This will automatically print the receipt after payment is taken.

Show Digital Receipt Screen

-          Primary use for this setting is a Quick Service environment.

-          It will display a window that asks the customer if they would like to be emailed, texted, or given a hard copy of their receipt.

Show Signature Pad

-          Primary use for this setting is in a Quick Service environment.

-          It will display a signature line on the iPad for the customer to sign with fingertip.

Print CC Merchant Copy

-          Will print the Merchant Copy of the credit card slip.

Print CC Customer Copy

-          Will print the Customer Copy of the credit card slip.

Enable Intranet Sync

-          This is an internet fail safe option that Linga offers. To learn more please reach out to us.

Remove Tip Line

-          Primary use for this setting is in a Quick Service environment or location that does not accept credit card tips.

Enable Pre Auth

-          Primary use for this setting is a Bar environment.

o   The Default Pre Auth amount will authorize the specified amount on the card to ensure funds are available.

o   If you enable Extended Pre Auth the system will re authorize the card every increment from the default authorization

§  EX\ $25 Initial Pre Auth, $50 Extended Pre Auth, $75 Extended Pre Auth.

Open Auto Global Till and Opening Balance

-          If you enable this setting the sale of the day will open the drawer with the preset opening balance.

-          Employees will not need to assign drawers if this setting is enabled.

CDS Theme

-          Controls the theme of your Customer Display Screen, if you use this feature.

iPad Custom Button Action

-          At the bottom menu on the iPad the Discounts and Search button is interchangeable. You can set this to whatever you commonly use the most.

Start Day of the Week

-          This is the start of your payroll week.

Default Payroll Process

-          A user needs to select the frequency of his business payroll period 

Table Expiration Time

-          This is the average time of a cover. It will alert you by the table changing colors on the floor plan if this time is passed.

Preferred Network

-          This is the network that the iPads should be on always. If it does connect to another network, there will be a notification alerting you on the iPad. This setting is not required.



Delivery Charge

-          This is your default delivery charge.

-          This charge can be tailored to specific delivery zones in the Delivery Zone settings.

Print Future Order Before

-          This will print the future order (set in minutes) before the order was initially requested.

Tip Settings

-          Primary use for this setting is in a Quick Service environment.

-          These are your suggested gratuity settings. You can set (4) percentages and (4) Dollar Amounts. You can only display one on the FOH.

Payment Methods

-          These are your tenders

-          On initial set up these will be preset for you and you should not have to make any edits to them.

Print Coursing Separately

-          Prints individual chits per course

Floating Tab

-          This is the tab on top of your “ALL ORDER” screen

-          It is set to BarTab by default and you may title it to best suit your needs, if necessary.

Disable Customer Nationality

-          This removes the need to enter in customer nationality on the Add Customer screen

Sent Whole Table to the Kitchen Printer

-          This will send the whole order to the kitchen, even if you are only displaying one seat when you hit the order button.






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