LingaPOS Caller Id

LingaPOS Caller Id

Please check attachment for setting up caller ID on Linga POS software. 
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    • Caller ID Setup

      Blue print of the caller-id Setup:                               Three LAN Ports at back of caller Id box: Power adapter (Should connect to Power cord) To Data Network port (Should Directly connect to Network) Towards Gateway (Should Directly connect ...
    • Caller ID and waitlist

      POS FOH Enable Caller ID and Wait List Type in your PIN then tap on operations Tap on POS settings Scroll down to enable caller ID and wait list Please note that both of these are add-ons and will need a license for both Turn these on then hit save ...
    • Face ID on WebPos

      Introduction   Linga Face ID implementation allows users to clock-in/out or to login to WebPOS  (POS implementation coming soon) by matching the camera capture of the face of a user with his/her existing photo in the system, by using face recognition ...
    • Face ID Setup

      Face ID is a module that requires Licensing. Once you add to your store subscription on Bon under the License setting, you can turn it on. If this is an Enterprise account, you will need to purchase for each store that you need Face ID available and ...
    • How to Sign Into LingaPOS App

      How to Sign into the Linga POS App o   Click on the Linga POS App on your iPad  o   Type in the email address and password used to set up the account o   Press