Loyalty and House Account

Loyalty and House Account

Note:  This information is available in a Word document and PDF file at the bottom of the page.

How to Locate and Set Up Loyalty in the Back Office:


Log into the Back Office, and Locate the Loyalty Section:


Fill Out the Appropriate fields, with Loyalty information:


Enable Loyalty: Turns Loyalty feature On and Off

Points for Customer Enrollment: Number of Points a Customer receives for Enrolling in Loyalty

Points for Every Visit: Number of Points a Customer receives for Visiting the Location

Points for Cash Payments: Number of Points a Customer receives for using the Cash Tender

Points for Non-Cash Payments: Number of Points a Customer receives for using the Non Cash Tenders

Menu Item Based: Number of Points a Customer receives for Purchasing that Item off the Menu

Category Based: Number of Points a Customer receives for Purchasing Items from that Category



Redeem Points At: Dollar Value of EACH Loyalty Point

Minimum Points Required for Redemption: The Points that are needed to be able to use Loyalty savings


How to Add a Customer to the Loyalty Program in the Front of House:

Log into the Front of House, with your employee number and click the Person icon at the top of the screen:


Click the New Button on the dropdown:


This will launch the customer loyalty page, where you can enter the Customer information:

Name, Phone Number, Address, Email

Click Save after all the information has been saved:


When you click on the Customer Name to the Left of the person icon the Loyalty account will now be created and start accumulating points

How to add a customer that is currently in the loyalty system:

Select the “person with a plus sign icon”


Type in the customer’s name you are searching for and select the name


Now the name will appear near the top left


Paying with Loyalty points:

Select “Payment”


Select “Loyalty”

You will now see the loyalty points being used for the customers payment. Select “Submit”

How to charge to a customer’s House Account:

Select “Payment”

Select “HA” or “House Account”


Select “Process” and the payment will be charged to the house account

Note: You can also select Manual and type in the House Account number


How a customer can pay off house account:

Select the Customer’s name

Select “Customer Plan”


Select “Recharge”

Select in the amount the customer is paying back and press “Continue”

 Select “Update”

As shown: The customer will now have to pay off the house account via a type of tender


How to view Customer List for Loyalty Program in the Back of House:

Log into the back office and click the Customers Tab:

Next Click on the Customer Info Tab

This will Launch the List of Customers that are enrolled in the Loyalty Program


You can view certain customer’s account information and sales by clicking the view button under the controls section:


How to view and Set Up House Account

Log into the Back Office and Select House Account:


This will bring up the House Account Screen:


From here we can click the Pencil Icon and make changes to the users account:


To view and make changes to the House Account on the Front of House:

Navigate back to the Customer Profile screen, and then click Customer Plan button on the bottom of the screen:


Now you can make the changes that you want to the House Account and then click Save to finalize:


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