Membership Report

Membership Report

Implementation of Summary Report in back office:

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Ø  This report displays the details of allowance, debit from the allowance, available balance of a Customer when the payment is made using the membership plan.

Ø  It has the following fields:

1.       Customer Name

2.       Membership Plan

3.       Time Period

Ø  The report should include the following columns,

1.       Debit from Allowance –>Total amount deducted from the allowance balance.

2.       Pending Allowance –> Total amount that is not deducted from the allowance.

3.       Quarterly -> Quarterly total of the allowance sales only.

4.       Allowance -> Allowance per period

Ø  User can run the report based on the customer name and based on the membership plan.

Ø  Based on the selected plan, the time period should differ.

Ø  As of now the time period includes the monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly and the yearly filter options.

Ø  User cannot have the option to choose the filter for daily and the weekly plans.


1.       When the department columns in the Summary report increases, the screen will be distorted.


Report Format

Screen Layout:

Ø  Time period: Monthly.

Ø  User can select the month and the corresponding year to run the report.


Half Yearly:


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