Price Levels for Food Delivery Channels

Price Levels for Food Delivery Channels

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  Price levels should be configured for the food delivery platforms.

  The available delivery platforms should be listed with the price level field to enter the required price level.

  Users should be allowed to enter one price level.

  Default price should be taken in case of not defining any price levels.

   Since the food aggregators Swiggy, Zomato and uber eats are integrated via urban piper, users need to define

 the price level for the urban piper integration platform as a whole, not individually for the channels.

  User can only follow the same price level for the food channels Swiggy, Zomato and Uber Eats.

Sample screen layout:

Impact in Online ordering:

  Consider a menu item “Cheeseburger” with different price levels configured as follows in the back office,

·         Level 1 costs 10$

·         Level 2 costs 15$

·         Level 3 costs 20$

·         Level 4 costs 25$

  Price level for the delivery platforms is defined as follows,

  Check mate – Price level 2

  Urban Piper – Price level 3

  OLO – Price level 1

  So, the menu item “Cheeseburger” should be displayed in “Checkmate” with the price 10$, and in “OLO” the price should be 20$.

  The price should be displayed as per the defined configuration in the back-office settings.

  User can define the price level and should sync it with the online order for the changes to reflect.

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