QR Code for Virtual Kiosk

QR Code for Virtual Kiosk

Generating QR Codes and Assigning the QR to the Table

Go to Settings and select Store

Select ‘Table Layout’, In the ‘Store Layout’, select ‘Print QR Code’

Then QR Codes for each table in the restaurant is generated. Now, these QR Codes can be printed via a printer and can be placed on restaurant tables

 Ordering Using QR Code

Guests can navigate to Online Ordering site by scanning the QR Code on the table

When a QR code is scanned, URL Link will be displayed, and user will be able to browse the OLO site

(Screen Shots below show the Online Ordering page)

Guests can choose among menu items and add these to their cart, then to complete their order, they can browse ‘Your Order’ screen by tapping the cart icon on the screen. By tapping ‘SEND TO KITCHEN’, selected items will be sent to IPAD devices (and to KDS if available). Orders can be displayed on IPAD screen by touching the related table on table layout screen

New items can be added to an existing order through Online Ordering (by tapping the ‘Add More’ button and selecting new items) or IPAD app.

On the IPAD app, table for which a new item will be added can be selected on Table Layout screen of the IPAD.

The added item will also be displayed on the Online Ordering screen, as it is syncing with the IPAD.

Payment From Guest’s Device

Once ‘SEND TO KITCHEN’ is tapped, user will be directed to ‘Your Order’ screen. On this screen, user can select to pay for the order. When user taps ‘Pay Of Order’, user login pop-up will be displayed.

Users can login to online ordering by using their login credentials if they are already registered, or they can login through their Facebook or google accounts, or they can ‘Continue As Guest’.

Once logged in, user will be prompted to fill mandatory fields and provide credit card details:

Payment can be done by tapping the ‘Process Payment’ button.


Payment From IPAD

Payments can also be done from the IPAD application. By tapping ‘Payment’ option on the IPAD screen, ‘Select Payment Method’ screen will be displayed.

Service staff can select a payment method and enter the amount to be charged to guest and then proceed with payment.


Multiple Orders From the Same Table

With Linga QR Code application, more than one person can perform online ordering or making payments from the same table by following the steps described above. Each person joining the table places their own order by scanning the QR Code of the table and can also make the payment via Linga Online Ordering.

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