Creating Various Reasons:

Adding Tax Exempt Reason:

 Select “Reasons”, “Tax Exempt Reasons”, “+Tax Exempt Reasons”


Type in the Reason and select “Save”

 Adding Void Reason:

 Select “Void Reason” and “+Void Reason”


Type in the reason and select “Save”

 Adding Paid In:

 Select “Paid In” then “+Paid In”


 Type in the reason and select “Save”

 Adding Paid Out:

 Select “Paid Out” then “+Paid Out”


 Type in reason and select “Save”


 Adding an Over Shortage:

 Select “Over Shortage” then “+Over Shortage”


 Type in reason and select “Save”

 Adding Attach Request:

 Select “Attach Request” then “+Attach Request”


 Type in reason and select “Save”

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