Recommended Hardware - PDF

Recommended Hardware - PDF

Please download out list below.
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    • Linga POS Network Setup Guide

      Download PDF file below, under Attachments section. Ports to have open: HTTP port 80, https443, Port 9096 for sync
    • Hardware settings

      POS FOH Hardware Settings Type in your PIN then tap operations Tap on hardware settings Choose from Card Reader, Printer Settings, Customer Display, and Scale Tap on the device you wish to use for the Ipad under the IP section or Bluetooth section ...
    • POS Hardware Requirements

      LINGA- POS Hardware Requirements These specifications outline the minimum hardware requirements for operating Linga POS. Please ensure that your POS devices meet or exceed these specifications for optimal performance and compatibility with the ...
    • Exporting Customers

      -          Navigate to Customers -> Customer Info -          Choose your export format o   Excel- exports to a spread sheet o   PDF- exports to a printable and savable PDF file o   CSV- exports to a file compatible with QuickBooks
    • Network Requirements

      •        Linga requires a wired network for all our installations especially for table service locations. •        Each Linga POS device needs to have a Cat6 drop dedicated to it. •        Do not splice or use the Cat6 lines for phone or other ...