S700 Scanner Setup & Retail Item Creation

S700 Scanner Setup & Retail Item Creation

Note:  This information is available in a Word document and PDF file at the bottom of the page. Please open the file to gain access to all of the instructions. 

Print this document on a good quality printer.

Go into Bluetooth first and press the I with a blue circle and forget the socket s700 scanner before you proceed.

1. Then turn on scanner and scan Step 1: this will make a sound and turn the scanner off

2. Turn the scanner back on and wait until you see the blue Bluetooth light flashing

3.  Scan Step 2 and it should make a beep sound

4. scan step 3 sometimes when you hold the button down you need to slowly pull away from the scanner for it to read it and it should make a beep sound.

5. On the last page scan the barcode for Scanner Always On

6. On the iPad go to Bluetooth under another device you will see the scanner touch it and it should show up in my devices as connected.

7. Force close the pos app and start it again should now it should work

8. This setup takes care of most Standard bar codes.

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