Restriction to Open the checks Simultaneously

Restriction to Open the checks Simultaneously

Implementation in Back Office:

Page Navigation: My Stores >> User Management >> POS

        An option “ALLOW OPEN CHECKS IN ANOTHER POS AT THE SAME TIME” should be included.

        The option should be in disable mode by default.

        Users can enable the toggle later.

        For the default admin role, it should be in enable mode.

Screen Layout:

Implementation in POS:

        The roles with the option disabled, cannot open the checks which are currently open in another POS.

        If the option is enabled, the user can open the checks which are opened simultaneously in another POS.

        Consider the service type “Dine In”, the user opened a check for the respective table and added the menu items.

If the different user tries to open the check which is previously opened in another POS, a pop-up should be displayed stating “Check is opened in [Respective POS Detail]. Opening the check might cause loss of menu or payment detail”.   


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