S700 Bluetooth Scanner Setup

S700 Bluetooth Scanner Setup

Connecting a BT Scanner:

Turn on the Scanner by holding down the small black button until you see the green and blue lights

After device is on scan this barcode. This will reset the scanner back to factory default

The device will now turn off and you will need to power it back on and scan this bar code

Now scan ONE OF THE TWO barcodes. This will give you the option to either have the scanner always on or power off after 8 continuous hours

Go to your “Settings” on the iPad and select “Bluetooth” and connect the Scanner device

Scanner successfully connected

Creating a New Retail item:

Go to “Products/Item”, “+Retail Item”

When imputing the information, it is important when filling out the “Sku Codes” to type in the full code name. Example: From the leading “3” to the ending “8”

After imputing the information, select the “Next” button

Enter inventory details and select “Update and Publish” when complete

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