Scanning of QR Code to Attach the Customer

Scanning of QR Code to Attach the Customer

Steps to connect the QR Code scanner with the POS:

1)      Should confirm both the devices [QR Code reader and POS] should be Bluetooth- enabled.

2)      The QR code scanner should be paired with the POS device via Bluetooth.

3)      Pick out the respective QR Code scanner to be used.



Implementation in POS:

Page Navigation: Operations >> Hardware settings.

Note: Make sure Bluetooth is active.

        When you tap on the Hardware Settings navigation on the Operation screen, user should be navigated to the Hardware Settings screen.  

        The Hardware Settings screen should have the following options:

1)    Card reader

2)    Printer settings

3)    Customer Display

4)      Scale

5)      QR Code Reader 

        The Bluetooth-enabled QR code readers should be shown in the section “SELECT A BLUETOOTH QR CODE READER”.

        The QR Code reader device name which is connected to the POS using Bluetooth should be displayed here. 

        User can choose any one of the devices from Bluetooth QR Code Reader.

        The selected device should be marked as a tick.


Note: Only employees with the proper role and permission settings have access to the Hardware Settings screen.

Sample Screen Layout:


Working in POS:

        First, check the connectivity of the device.

        Click on the "Add Customer" icon on the order screen to attach the customer to the check. 

        An option for searching and attaching the customer should be shown. 

        The customer search screen should display the "Search/Scan" option. 

        To attach the customer, the user can input and search for the respective customer as existing. 

        On click into the scan icon, user can scan the QR Code of the customer.

        The user can scan the customer's QR code to attach the customer automatically to the check without inputting the name manually.

Sample Screen Layout:

Generation of QR code:

  The QR code should be generated based on the customer ID. The QR code should be unique for each of the customers.

  On saving the customer details a SMS/mail should be triggered.

  The trigger mail/SMS should be sent to the customer to generate the QR code on saving the customer details.

  It would be better to use the dynamic QR code.

  On every information edit and update of the customer profile, the SMS/mail to generate the updated QR code should be sent to the customer.

  The mail will have the option click here to generate QR code. So that user can generate their unique QR code in their device and save it.


Changes in Zen pepper App:

  An option should be there to generate/view the QR Code for the customer should be included.

  The customer profile should have the option “My QR Code”.

  When user click on it, the QR Code should be viewed and customer can use the QR code for scan and attach their details.


Sample Screen Layout:


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