Search an Item

Search an Item

Search an item:

Select “Option”

Select “Search Item”

Type in an item you want to search

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    • Search for an Item on the iPad

      -          On the order screen tap the option button on the bottom menu -          Tap on Search Item -          Start typing the item you are looking for -          To end search select the desired item or tap on any category to order normally
    • Enhancement in Customer Search

      Implementation in POS:   In the existing system, based on the created time the customer is displayed in the customer search.   In the revised functionality, the customer search should follow the below order, 1)      First – The customers with only a ...
    • Open Item

      Select “Option” Select “Open Item” Enter the Coursing for the item and a name. Followed by adding the price and tax. Select a printer to attach the item so the item will print to the correct printer. Select “Done” when complete As shown: Open Item ...
    • Repeating Item

      Select on the item that needs to be repeated and select “Repeat” As Shown: Item repeated
    • Inventory Item

      Creating an Inventory Item: ​​ “Inventory”, “Inventory Items”, “+Inventory Item” Note: When setting up an inventory item, you must have Ingredient Categories, Storage Locations, Vendors, and In House Units created Select a Category for the item ...