Settings - Printer Configuration - Kitchen Receipt Template

Settings - Printer Configuration - Kitchen Receipt Template

Settings>Printer Configuration>Kitchen Receipt Template

o    Sign into the LingaPOS back office online at

o    Click on the Settings tab on the Navigation Panel


o    Click on the Printer Configuration tab 

Click on the  tab 

o    Kitchen Print Void Item – Whether receipt prints on the kitchen printer for a voided item

o    Enable the following options if you want them to appear on the receipt

§   Print Included Modifier in Kitchen

§   Store Name

§   Table Name

§   Seat Number

§   Server Name

§   Check Number

§   Date & Time

§   Address

§   Email

§   Phone Number

o    Contact Information Below or Above – Configures whether the following appears at the top of the ticket or the bottom

§   Address

§   Email

§   Phone Number

o    Cut Paper After Each Print – Enable this if you want a separate receipt for each transaction

o   Press the  button when finished to save changes

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