Store Settings

Store Settings

Settings > Store

Store Information- Here is all the info for your store. You must add address and then click the Get my location button to fill in the Latitude\Longitude.


-          Log off after each sale- Once sale is tendered it will bring you to the log in screen.

-          Enable Gratuity Line in Credit Card Screen- Used in QS to add tip on the iPad screen at the end of the sale.

-          Show Tip Screen before CC Screen- Will prompt for tip first.

-          Kitchen Print Void Item- When item is deleted off check off check after sent to kitchen it will notify them with a void chit.

-          Print Included Modifiers- Will print all modifiers included in item on kitchen chit.

-          Auto Print Receipt- Will print receipt automatically after transaction is tendered.

-          Show Digital Receipt- Used in QS. Will prompt to text, email, or print receipt.

-          Show CC receipt screen- Must enable the above to do same function.

-          Print Merchant\Customer CC Copy- Turn on or off this printing.

-          Enable Intranet Sync- Used with our backup Intranet. Ask your project manager for more information.

-          Remove tip line- For those that do not accept CC tips

-          Enable Pre Auth- Used to pre authorize cards on bar tabs.

-          Default Pre Auth Amount- The initial pre-authorization amount.

-          Enable Extended Pre Auth- Will re authorize the card in the increments defined by default amt. IE- $10 then $10 @$20, $10 @$30, $10 @$40.

-          Open Auto Global Till- This will automatically open the till when the first sale is made.

-          Enter Opening Balance- Auto Global till will need to be enabled. This is the starting balance.

-          Auto Print Close Day Report- Automatically prints report @EOD.

-          Show Advertisements- Displays pictures you have uploaded. This is used for the Customer Display Screen.

-          CDS Theme- For the customer display screen. Light is white theme and Dark is black theme.

-          iPad Custom Action Button- Chose between Discounts and Search button on the bottom button bar on the order screen.

-          Suggest Tip in CC Receipt- Print the defined percentages on the bottom of credit card receipt.

-          Assign Order to Departed Driver- You can assign deliveries to drivers without having them close out checks when they come back from a delivery. Used for customers who would like the driver to close out checks at the end of the shift.

-          Start day of week- Used for Payroll \ OT calculation

-          Default Payroll Process- Defines how pay is calculated.

-          Table Expiration Time- This is the average cover time. When this time is exceeded it will turn the tables a different color notifying you that they have been there longer than usual.

-          Preferred Network- This is the network the iPads should be on always. It will show an error message if you connect to another network.

-          Delivery Charge- Default Charge for deliveries.

-          Print Future Order Before- Define when a future order should print.

-          Tip Settings- You can set in Percentage OR Amount. This will print on receipt if you enable suggested tip.

-          Payment Methods- This is where you define your tenders.

-          Print Coursing Separately- For kitchens who only use one printer. It will print each course on a different chit.

-          Floating Tab- You can name this tab to whatever you would like.

-          Disable Customer Nationality- Removes the line to add this when creating a customer.

-          Send whole table to kitchen printer- This will order the entire table to kitchen even if you are on an individual seat on the order screen.

-          Show pop up for tax exempt ID- Will prompt for the Tax ID to be entered if you use the tax exempt option.

Store Hours- This is where you define your store hours. If you select Auto Close day it will close your day at the defined close time. It is recommended to Extend business hours to give enough time to take into account any delays to closing.  

Denomination- You can add all the denominations of your currency you carry. This is used to count down the drawer.

EMV Settings- Add EMV Devices here

Web Order- Once you have made changes to your menu you will sync here to push them to your online ordering website.

Overtime Settings- Define your OT settings here. You can add by weekly or daily OT depending on your local laws.

Notification Settings- Set your alert email and phone numbers here.

Sales Recap Report Settings- Define what you would like to show on the Sales Recap Report.

Delivery Zones- Edit your delivery zones here.

Wait List- Define how long a specific sized party usually takes to dine.  

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