Table Layout and Expiration

Table Layout and Expiration


Table Layout

- Navigate to Settings -> Store -> Table Layout (Top Menu)

-   To move locations of the existing tables just click and drag on a table.

- To edit a table name, shape, or number of seats- highlight the table by clicking on it, and clicking the green edit button. When finished, click update.

-  To remove an existing table, highlight the table you wish to delete and click on the red trash can. Confirm you would like to delete it.

- To add a new table, click on either the circle or square depending on the shape and a new table will appear in the top left of the floor plan. Drag to the desired location and edit the name if you would like.

- To add an additional floor area to your floor plan click the “ + Floor” button. Add the floor name, The order sequence and choose the desired background. You do not need to adjust the size.

- When you are finished making your edits click the Apply Changes button at the top of the page.



Table Expiration

- Navigate to Settings -> Store -> Settings (Top Menu)

- In the right column find Table Expiration Time.

- Enter in the average number of minutes a cover takes.

- Click on update at the bottom of the page
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