Wastage Report

Wastage Report

Implementation in Back office:

  A new “Wastage Report” need to be developed to record and track the wastages.

Page Navigation: Inventory >> Reports >> Wastage Reports

  Wastage can happen in raw Inventory Items and with the final product.

  The report should contain the following fields,

1)      Wastage Type

2)      Time Period

  User can execute the report by selecting the “wastage Type”.

  Based on the date range, user can view the logs.

  The wastage type should include the filters All, sale, manual entry, Expired, Yield.

  By default, the filter should be “All”.

  User can do export the report in the PDF, Excel, and the CSV format.

1)      Manual Entry Wastage Type:

·         A new toggle “Wastage reason” should be included in the Adjust inventory reason screen.

·         The adjusted item (In adjust Inventory screen) should be moved to wastage only if the reason mapped for the corresponding adjusted item is configured as wastage reason.

2)      Yield wastage type:

·         If the yield percentage of an inventory item is not 100, the lagged percentage of the respective item should be moved to wastage.

3)      Expired wastage type:

·         The inventory items which are expired should be moved to the wastage.

·         If the option “Auto Remove Expired Stock” (In inventory store settings) is enabled, the items that met the “Removal Date” should be automatically moved to the wastage.

4)      Sale Wastage Type:

·         It is depending on the items which is voided in the POS.

·         The void items in the POS should be moved to the wastage and recorded in the wastage report.

·         For now, all the items voided are moved to the wastage.


      Screen Layout:

  For now, the quantity will be shown in decimal.

  And the cost per unit will be displayed with “0” value for some of the decimal valued quantity Items.


Screen Layout of Adjust Inventory Reasons screen:

Implementation in POS:

  A toggle option “Prepared” should be included in the void reason screen.

  After enabling the “Prepared” option user must input the void reason and do void.

  So, if “Prepared” has been chosen, then the value should be deducted from the inventory.

  The “Consumption Logs” in the inventory should be updated for the “Prepared” alternative states the “Consume type” as “Void”.

  The usage and the quantity on hand needs to be updated accordingly.

  So, based on the “Void Type”, the wastage report needs to be implemented in the inventory to track the wastages.

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